Regards Marilynn

Community Investment Specialist, Writer/Journalist, Speaker/Trainer, Artisan/Impresario

Hello and thank you for dropping by Regards Marilynn, my special place where I celebrate faith, friends, food and fun. Regards, Marilynn began as the tagline for my marketing and journalism careers but soon became the umbrella site for all I put my hands and soul to.

If you haven’t met me, my name is Marilynn Vanderstaay. I am a journalist and a writer, an inspirational speaker and a trainer, an impresario. an artisan, and above all a community investment specialist. A woman of faith, grace, style and wisdom.

What local media is writing about me. Oh, and did I mention I am also a five time cancer overcomer and have climbed up the steep mudslide of extreme brain trauma? Visit my site to view my story… the prelude to my much anticipated book Inside the Healing Journey… a transparent account of how, not that I overcame. … my biweekly e-zine that is all about Westmount, the city where I live and work and enjoy faith, friends, food and fun that is in a holding zone while I work on my much anticipated book, Inside the Healing Journey.

On this business card site you will meet a fervent woman of faith who is passionate about living and life and people, music, arts, quilting and colour, friends, food and fun. About making a difference.  About being wonderful and living every day… to the fullest.

I am definitely eclectic and love to wrap around me the people, events and “things” that I love like a cozy, warm quilt. And I share them all here with you and on my other sites SO settle down into a comfortable chair, pour a cup of tea and just visit with me.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Warmest regards,

        Marilynn Vanderstaay